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Union Forsea Corp. acts as the media partner of CIPFE2016 in Guangzhou

CIPFE2016 has now created cooperation with Union Forsea Corp. to hammer at inviting Korean companies to come to the expo.

Union Forsea Corp. was established in Busan in Oct. 2000. They are the processor and supplier of seafood working with many overseas and domestic companies. They also operate websites: www.forsea.com and www.fishone.com, which specialize in fisheries and provide lots of useful information. Besides, there are Inspection Service in Korea and Translation Service as other work.

They have enough know-how and experience of importing and exporting to help your business become larger and more profitable successfully in the global market. They are specialized in trade and it could be easy for you to penetrate Korea seafood markets. Except for their own import, if their clients want to import the product from you, they can contact with their client who may interest in your product. By the end of Feb. 2016, they have around 6,553 Korean seafood companies and 6,894 overseas seafood companies as their members. Through the Customized CRM Service, you can correctly and quickly find the supplying/purchasing company via their websites.

Import Item: Frozen Skate Chile, Frozen Shrimp Malaysia/Vietnam/Thailand, Frozen Pollack (Milt and Stomach) USA, Frozen Mackerel Norway/Scotland/Canada/China, Frozen Giant Squid (Fillet and Wing, Tentacle) Chile, Frozen Boiled Mussel Chile, Frozen Boiled Whelk Meat U.K./Canada/Ireland and so on.

Export Item: Frozen Mackerel, Frozen Pollack, Frozen Blue Swimming Crab, Frozen Mantis Shrimp and so on.

http://www.fishone.com is for overseas seafood companies. Visiting their websites and you can learn more information of Korean markets including Korean seafood companies’ profile, Daily stock and Korean Fisheries news.